What Your Ohio Manufacturing Business Needs to Know About Digital Fire Protection

      If you’re the manager of a building with fire extinguishers, every staff member must be trained to use a fire extinguisher. In their YouTube video, “State-of-the-Art Fire Extinguisher Training,” Total Fire Protection demonstrates their digital fire protection device. The video answers the question: “When fire comes, how will you respond?”

      The “PASS” acronym

      To operate a fire extinguisher, the user must remember the acronym “PASS.”
      This reminds users to Pull the pin on top of the extinguisher, and Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.

      Video Source

      Next, Squeeze the two handles of the device together. Lastly, Sweep the nozzle from side to side.

      Previous fire extinguisher drills used small fires in heavily supervised areas. Employees gain experience using the extinguisher on real fires. After training, the employees are ready, when there is a fire.

      Digital Fire Training

      Total Fire Protection has developed a digital fire protection training device. Their device uses a screen with a realistic depiction of a fire. Employees use an extinguisher, and aim at the “flames” on the screen. The simulated flames react to the extinguisher as real flames would.

      In traditional fire extinguisher training, the extinguished fires leave a mess.
      The digital device won’t leave any mess after the training. To protect your business and its staff, in the event of a fire, choose the digital trainer.

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