What You Need to Know About Fire Spinkler Design for Your Ohio Manufacturing Business

      As shown in the video, fire sprinkler design is a big thing for manufacturing businesses. No business wants to operate in a warehouse without a well-designed system. A good design helps detect and extinguish fires, keeping precious goods safe and sound. Plus, they can help lower insurance premiums.

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      There are different types of designs out there. And it’s vital to get the right one for a business premise. Research helps find out what type of system does the job for a particular premise. It could be a wet pipe, a dry pipe, or even a pre-action system. Each has its pros and cons.

      Factors determining the right design include commodity classifications for warehouses. It’s a way to categorize different goods based on their fire risk. After all, it’s important to avoid storing flammable items next to something that could go up in flames at the drop of a hat.

      There are ESFR sprinkler systems, which come in five levels. Wet sprinkler systems are great for stuff like ceramics, food, glass, and things that won’t catch fire easily. But when it comes to class three, four, and five commodities, you need something a bit more powerful.

      That’s where the ESFR sprinkler systems come in. They give you at least double the amount of water compared to those traditional wet sprinkler systems. When dealing with seriously combustible or hazardous materials, it’s best to go for a deluge or foam system. These materials include fuels.


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