What Manufacturing Sectors Utilize Metal Marking Tools?

      Most manufacturing sectors produce items of various sizes and shapes. As a result, metal marking solutions on these items help provide crucial information that could be used for traceability for the entire life cycle of the item, as discussed in the video. Additionally, metal marking also makes it much easier to instill identification codes and relevant dates on the product. Here are the sectors that widely use metal marking;

      1. Automotive Industry

      You’ll realize that your car or most cars around have metal markings. These markings could be the serial numbers, barcodes and logos on those car parts.

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      Additionally, it is also widely used in the marking of engine parts to the chassis. In such cases, the marking ensures traceability is easier.

      2. Medical Device Manufacturing

      The truth is, if medical tools aren’t affixed with codes or serials, medical errors can occur. As such, metal marking is used in this field to engrave serial numbers, manufacturing dates and lot codes on these medical devices. This way, it enhances traceability throughout the equipment’s lifespan, ensuring patients’ safety.

      3. Electronic Industry

      This is the most common one after the automotive industry. For electronics, metal markings are used to engrave markings on the connectors, PCBs and the cases of these electronic devices. More often, these markings are used for purposes of branding.

      4. Tools and Die Making

      For this sector, metal marking is specifically used to ensure tool specifications, part numbers and calibration details are properly kept on records. This way, it ensures good inventory management and maintenance scheduling.

      Take Away

      Metal markings have been a game changer in most manufacturing sectors. As a consumer, it is now easier to find a spare part of either your car or electronic device by simply submitting its serial number. As a result, these markings have boosted efficiency and traceability.


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